Unmatched Biblical stories - Alfred Gallegos

This gallery includes a look into multiple Biblical characters that tell an amazing story. Each of these Biblical characters included in this gallery have a significant story and a significant role. Each story represented within this gallery has theme, example, and symbolic message attached to it that still resonates today.

The story of Adam and Eve marks a monumental moment for mankind. As we can see from this gallery piece, the movement towards the apple inside the Garden of Eden and the deliberate disobedience to God was the start of the sinful nature that mankind would be brought into. This story reflects the theme in the most straight-forward way as we can all see the demise of their souls in this vague and undefined structures of Adam and Eve.
The story of Samson and Delilah is an example of opposites attract. Delilah, who was from a completely different world and background than Samson was, was desperately attracted to Samson. His strength was unmatched. Delilah knew his weak spot and focused on that. In this painting, you see the emotion in this story as Samson's strength is being stripped away from him in the lap of his lover, Delilah.
In this simple, yet beautiful piece, you see the elegance that Mary has shortly after having given birth to God's sun Jesus. The simplicity in the elements of this artwork are symbolic of Mary's humbleness and lifestyle. This piece gives us a better understanding of why the angel Gabriel picked Mary to carry Jesus. Her poise and maturity beyond her years is evident as you study this particular piece.
Another amazing story in the Bible is when Jesus told the disciples to cast their nets on the other side. As most of Jesus's teachings were done in parables, this is another example of that. This particular story is reflective of Jesus's intuition and leadership that he brought to the disciples. As you can see from the picture, the boat could not accommodate all the fishes that were available to their response to Jesus's guidance.
The story of Joseph and his brother is a classic Biblical story of sibling rivalry. In this story, they are so overcome by their jealousy of their brother. As shown in the picture, Joseph's coat of many colors is paraded to his father after his brothers have killed him.
This story, the story of the cross, is the most preached, recited, and retold story within the Bible. This story is what Jesus came to this earth to do. This picture depicts the hardships of the conditions, as you see the landscape and the distanced traveled. The onlookers carry a sense of hatred and brutality in the picture.
The story of the good samaritan is epic. It not only speaks of the good that exits, but also the evil. The good samaritan stops on his journey to help an injured man, a stranger. This story reflects so much hope in it as we see the possibility that exists. The story of the good samaritan will forever be a life lesson.
This painting has so much emotion in it. The story of the prodigal son grabs every parents' heart strings. The moment when the son returns to his father's house and humbles himself before his father, as you can see in the picture by him kissing his father's hand, reflects conversion. The conversion from one lifestyle and way of thinking to another, the lifestyle the prodigal son was raised in.
Jesus casting the merchants out of the temple is a symbolic moment. Jesus sticks up for what the temple was meant to represent. In this painting, the disgust he has with each of the merchants is evident. This story reflects staying true to your roots, as Jesus was very passionate about. He rid the temple of anything and everything that was corrupt.
This picture compliments this gallery very well. In the picture, you see Jesus in the center of the temple. Notice how Jesus has the attention and respect of all the others in the temple, who are all significantly older than he was at the time. This story is proof of Jesus's wisdom and proof that his followers were in awe of his teachings.
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