Renaissance Perspective

Andrew Miller

Burgo cathedeal: gothic cathederal Royal chapel: a chapel located in a royal palace. fantasy: the faculty or activity of imagining things Renaissance: cultural rebirth in Europe
panel: a flat piece of wood on which a picture is painted. urban planning: processes about land use and design of urban environment antiquity: the ancient past central perspective: 1 point perspective
intarsia: form of wood inlaying similar to marquetry. urbino: walled city in the Marche region of Italy Quattrocento: period of increasing prosperity of arts humanism: system of thought about humans
facade: face of a building pulpit: raised platform in a church or chapel for a preacher crucifix: image of Jesus on the cross perspective: giving depth to shapes on a 2D plane.
picturesque: visually attractive vivid: a bold and bright color proportion: relationship of one thing to another in size recumbent: (especially of a person or human figure) lying down.
watercolor: paint made with a water-soluble binder exhibition: organized presentation of selected items Museé du Jeu de Paume: arts centre Wolfgang Lettl: surrealist painter born in Augsburg, Germany
luministic: practice of realist landscape and seascape limpid: free of anything that darkens atmospheric perspective: technique of depth by hue and distinctness modification contemporary: modern ideas
theme: A central idea in a piece self-portrait: portrait of an artist created by that artist foreground: the part of a view that is nearest to the observer Munch: a Norwegian painter and printmaker
ornate: decorated with complex patterns showiness: excessive or unnecessary display rendering: process of formulating, adding color, shading, and texturing focus: center of activity
Credits: All media
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