Gallery of Line: Stuart Brito

The picture has a lot of direction because it includes vertical lines and horizontal line throughout the artwork. All lines are similar because they're all dark lines.
This piece of artwork has a lot of weight lines because it has several thick and thin lines. The lines are blending together and are together making full of lines. Also it has curvy lines in some areas.
The picture has a lot of texture and direction. There are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines that cross each other.
This piece of artwork has content and focus lines. It also has direction lines because all the lines are horizontal with different colors. Also, the lines make the star focus a lot.
This picture has a variety of lines, direction, weight, emotion, tired, content, frustrated, and focus. This piece has a lot attention and a lot of things that make the viewers want to see the picture.
The artwork has a lot of focus and frustrated lines and implied lines. Overall the picture has different lines because they're a lot of things happening in the picture. The picture has a descriptive line as well.
This picture focus a lot of direction and curves line. Most lines are horizontal and some are vertical. Also, all lines are not straight or going one direction.
This picture focus a lot in direction and concentration in the middle because the lines. Also, it makes the viewer get confuse by how the lines are form.
Most of the lines have a direction type and weight because some lines are thicker and thinner than others. It creates a different feeling depending on how the lines are being used.
This artwork has different types of line because the picture is mainly bunch of lines together and crumble up together. Also, it does have meaning to the lines and there's something behind each line which creates emotion.
The picture has mainly weight and curve lines because the artist used the same color but made the lines differently. Not all lines are straight or are in the same direction.
This piece of artwork really focused on weight and emotion because you can see the lines that are darker and deeper than other clear lines. Also, you can the focus it has and the attention it has in some areas.
This artwork focus on a lot of types of line such as weight, direction, emotion, focus, and texture because it has a variety of different opponents to the picture. It's not a simple artwork, there is a meaning to this picture. Also, there are some darker and thicker line than others as well as the way the lines are going.
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