A Naturalistic View

I'm interested in nature and how nature works so this gallery consists of paintings and artworks of nature and life.

This is a paintings of a dead tree. This is what will happen to the Earth if we don't start becoming aware of our surroundings. The world can be a beautiful place if we want it to be a beautiful place
I chose this painting because I love fruit. Fruit is so natural and it is what humans are meant to eat. So many people consume themselves with fast food and that is not natural.
This is a painting of a beautiful Hollyhock. The colors that are incorporated in painting this picture are uniquely combined to create something original.
This is a painting of a forest with a giant rock ledge in the background. This is what the Earth looked like before we started destroying it.
This paintings portrays opposites of each other. The machine is the opposite of nature and we design machines to do stuff for us because most humans are just lazy. Nature is the natural way of living
This painting of two birds on a tree branch symbolizes freedom and joy, at least to me. The colors, lighting and shading are very on point.
This painting shows a rooster and a few hens. One of the hens has laid an egg, signifying new life. I chose this picture because it means to me that life go on.
This painting portrays a gardener taking care of her garden. The flowers are beautiful, showing that the gardener takes care of them. I chose this picture because I love flowers.
This painting shows a house in the background on a beach. It must be winter time because there are no leaves on the trees. I chose this painting because it gives me a sense of peace.
This paintings depicts the sea and the sky and how they both move. The waves are crashing and the sun is setting. I chose this paintings because it is beautiful and I love sunsets.