DArkest History

I choose this one because I love egyptians art and is a lithe be dark in colors
I love this art because is shown more about our past and how people work hard to live
I like this one because is very realistic,colorful and vivid and I love it so much.
Is very dark in color its showing very specific the idea and the details its very detailed.
This arts its amazing its so beautiful I choose this one because, I love the army and this art show how look in the past.
This art are beautiful showing the nature is a little be of dark, realism, and colorful.
The art are so impressive because, look very realistic and show the paint very real.
I love Greek art so this monument is impressive how detailed is.
This paint is beautiful, dark, colorful, unique, and realism.
This art is dark in color and look very real.
I don't have word for this art because I am in shock with the art because is so beautiful, is very detailed and unique and is vivid.
Its dark, vivid, real and show about our history.
The paint its very impressive look very real, colorful, vivid and unique this art its very detailed.
I choose this one because its impressive I love war its dark, powerful, realism
Its very detailed, unique, detailed, dark, colorful and is baroque
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