Figures & contrast

I like how the artist portrayed the original painting of 'Girl With Pearl Earring' into their own visual.
The smoky or in this case blurry technique used in this photo brings out the unknown emotion this figure has. The reason I found this piece interesting was because of the way the girl shows emotion and the tint that complements it.
The title for this piece is 'Sadness' and Julia really brought that sensation in this one. Similar to her previously mentioned canvas 'Marie Spartali' (which had a more darker, blurry, wicked and mysterious feel to it), 'Sadness' has more of a warmer feel and lighter shade.
Figure position! since the first time I recognized this art piece the positions of the woman and man seemed so touching and welcoming. Gustav Klimt has a wonderful gift of conveying feminism in the women he paints, and golden detailed richness. it is those little details that counts in an art piece... and makes it whole. That is what I'm hoping to be visible in my upcoming project.
I really like this painting because of the contrast in emotions these two figures have. One is maybe upset by her turning her cheeks and the other is smiling. Moreover, the figures in the background also shows a duplicate of what is going on the two big figures in front. Perhaps, the fortune teller is urgently requiring the girls attention, however, the girl is not paying attention.
Tragedy x 11. Warhol's yet great ability in his art pieces still stands. In such simplicity, the multiplication of the car crash in the pop art piece shows reality, and my understanding of this piece is that it is common today. Considering how many deaths are caused by car accidents.
Once expressionism is added to all the living and non-living existences and objects, all things suddenly look more empowering. That's what I imagine is the key to Vincent's art pieces, and success of his theme having more of a solid, strong meaning.
One thing artist Andy Warhol aces, are, portraits of himself in a variety of angels, colors, forms, costumes and several other aspects. This shows he has a widespread of experimentation, and most importantly, has confidence in going to his furthest capability to try and show his audience who he is.
Here, is another one of Warhol's self portraits, gazing directly into the audience. The way the figure is posing to show a kind of sentimentality is one of the main reasons why I like figures.
Just like Van Gogh's self portrait. The exact same applies to this art piece. Since the mood of this painting is chaos, destruction, mayhem (telling by the dead bodies and the cold feel the audience gets from the cool washed-out colors). The perks of using expressionism in any art piece is that it refines the concept.
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