I chose "Texture" as my element of focus because it gives off such a powerful vibe of great movement. Not only movement in the actual work, but movement in the person receiving the work. My main focus with texture was to find works that the audience can see took a lot of paint and thick layers.

In this painting, Vincent van Gogh used massive amounts of thick paint with many layers creating great movement. The short brush strokes demonstrate how the oil paint is layered thick, rather than having long strokes to spread the paint. I love the mood of this painting from the dark gloom below to the bright joyful light above.
I chose this painting because I am absolutely amazed with the combination of the texture and detail that lie within this work.
I chose this work because the vibrant textured surface brings me a lot of energy. The texture within the few colors used moves me. I love the thick, yet simple layers.
This painting has me feeling like I am in another universe, which is why I was so drawn to it. The texture brings a 3D look to the work and makes the particles appear fuzzy.
I chose this work because the thick texture can be hard to make out, but it is mostly seen through the movement of the water and in the upper right area of the ship. The thick and rich texture of the water captivates my attention and I love the sprits' of water spread out all over the painting.
I was drawn to this painting because of the detail within the enormous amounts of oil paint used. The color contrast in this painting is what helps give the painting detail. The short strokes create movement and expose the thick paint. I am shocked that a painting with so much detail and so many thick brush strokes is capable of looking this great. This painting helps define the term texture.
This oil painting is covered in such thick paint that you can feel the heavy weight with your eyes. The trees in this painting has texture that enables the audience to feel the reality within the Expressionism. The front and middle tree is what attracted me to this particular painting.
I chose this painting because Ham Myung Su's detail, color, and thick texture never fail to amaze me. This work, like many of his, shows the objects painted in a fuzzy texture. It is almost as if they are pipe cleaners.
Can you feel the breeze? I know I can! I chose this work because of the flow and movement. The thickness of the texture in the field, the sky, the trees, and the shade, have me very drawn to the setting. It pulls me into the painting and makes feel like I am there.
I chose this work because I know if someone were to paint me I would want it done like this. It's so unique and different than anything else. A photograph can capture images similar to traditional paintings, but this texture is something a photograph could never come close to.
I love the soft and blurry look of this painting. It amazes me that a work of such thick texture can be so detailed within a blurry look.
I love this work because I can pull myself into the moment of it's beginnings. A blank canvas to then layers and layers of rich textured paint. Suddenly forming a face that is also textured. The work seems to really focuses on revealing the texture. Delaney keeps it simple, but not too simple.
The texture and detail in this painting astonish me. The paint is not overly thick, but still has a richness to reveal it's texture and move the audience as it moved me. I love this work because it makes me desire to be in this place. The closer the objects are in the painting, the more detail. When going further back, you can really see the strokes of thick paint layers.
I wish these flowers actually existed with the exact texture displayed. I love the soft, almost blurry looking, textured visual this painting exhibits.
The intensity to this cloudy sky reveals much depth. I love how the thick texture demonstrates intensity in this painting.
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