The Lines of Realism 

Steven Maslovskiy 

This piece shows line very well because the dark parts of this picture brings out the lines and shows more detail.
Line is easily seen here through the amount of detail in the characters and artist's use of shading techniques.
The use of line in the characters and clothing shows a sense of realism in the art itself.
The use of line in this picture really shows when looking at the detail of each object in it, showing how the light and the dark parts show beautiful detail and depth.
The lines in this picture shows movement and puts you into the scene as if you were seeing this fight from right up front.
lines in sculptures show amazing craftsmanship and skill by showing that everything you see seems real from the face of this woman to the clothes that she is wearing.
Lines can make simple shapes come to life with a few strokes of a brush or any other tool. A simple line can create a pattern in a sculpture that looks like real hair.
Lines can also be used to creates letters and symbols, such as the ones shown in this tablet.
This sculpture shows of line very well by making it seem as if the dress that this woman is wearing is swaying in the wind through curves and swaying of the different lines.
these sculptures are very well made and show off lines through the clothes but also through the different body parts such as the leg muscles.
The way line is used in this is through the pattern that was put on this vase.
The use of line is easily seen both from far back and close up in this picture showing the beautiful detail and effort that went into making this.
There are many different uses of line in this picture. It shows off shading techniques, fine work with detail and different patterns that come together to from a bigger picture.
the way line is used here is through the intricate shapes and patterns throughout this carpet.
This vase shows line through the detail in but but also through the very good use of positive and negative space both showing off detail.
Credits: All media
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