Melodic Moments 

This gallery includes artwork that reflects what music can do and how it is a universal language which can be played anywhere in the world and bring people together. 

This painting showcases a musical contest between Greek God Apollo and Marsyas. There seems to be an unpleasant rivalry between the two. It seems the onlookers are watching intensely with passion.
This painting showcases different instruments lying around each other. It's very simple and demonstrates musical taste. I also noticed the different patterns centering the piano consisting of a lot of stripes.
This painting depicts a gathering of musicians playing different instruments together. The texture is very brittle but still colorful. They seem to be captivated in the music they are playing.
There are several musicians performing together on the trumpet, piano, and cello. This is an oil painting which gives the texture a very rough around the edges feel. The colors are very rustic and warm.
This painting showcases a crowd of people outside playing instruments. It seems as if they are having a celebration in their community singing and playing music. There's a lot of movement and patterns going on as well.
A man looks as if he is serenading the lady beside him with a guitar. There is also a smaller woman in a red dress dancing to the music. It has a very soft and elegant texture. along with the colors used.
In this painting, there is a small group of men, women, and kids playing and listening to music. The man in white looks like the center of attention. The man next to him seems to be showcasing him by his had gesture. There is a very relaxed and comical feel going on.
The first thing I noticed was the unique perspective painted being shown from the bottom of the balcony.That was interesting to me. The clouds above show it's outside while a group of men and women are crowded around the balcony signing and dancing to music.
You can see in this painting, there is an older man teaching a young lady how to play a unique looking string instrument. She is also reading off a music sheet. There are very simple patterns with a grainy texture in this painting.
This to me is very abstract and has a lot of movement and patterns. You can tell there are music sheets by the staff lines laying on a table along with a guitar and some wine in front of a window. The scenery looks peaceful to write and play music.
Credits: All media
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