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I am amazed of this new technology that has evolutionized through the internet!!.. c'est fantastique! =P

This night is very interesting because It shows a sort of eclipse on the sky and a lot of wind. So when the wind is in the night, we think of a windy night, but at the same time, it we see a windy night with lots of flashy lights, then it is a rare night =p
I kno a little bit about the greates powerful nations that have affected the way we live today and the system in general.As in this case, this is a painting made showing the babylonian symbol of a lion.According to the bible, this world nation is described by being like a lion..a powefl one:p
This is a very inspiring and definately one of the best paintings i've seen because it shows how it probably was of how Jesus came and the people being around. It is actually the first time I see this very popular scene: in a painting:P
I strongly believe that Jesus came and that He is the son of God.So here, it shows a very special part, which is Jerusale (the place where Jesus was mostly in his life) and it shows a vie of " The Mount of Olives", which is the place in which for first time Jesus talked to his followers and the people in general.
I always wondered how it was that the Greek gods were born. Well here is an image as to give anyone an idea of the birth of a God:P
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