The Time Machine

By H.G. Wells, Docent Ally Loker

Selected Epigraph: ¨One must work with time and not against it"-Ursula K. Lee Guin I´ve selected this epigraph because I really think that it represents the most fragile element, time. I think that all the the troubles that The Time Traveler ran into would be avoided by just not altering the time, and living a normal life. This photo shows a clock, and I imagine the time standing still.
Universal Theme- I chose the theme of exploration for this book. I think that The Time Traveler was a very curious man, and his motivation for building the time machine was that he wanted to explore. I believe that this painting accurately represents exploration, with all of the men ready for a new adventure and voyage.
I chose the tone of passion for this book. The Time Traveler was just so passionate, and driven to accomplish his goal of time travel. I feel like his whole quest was lead by his passion and eagerness to discover. To me this photo represents a young dancer with all of the passion in the world.
Historical Setting: This book takes place in 1890, in Richmond, a small town in England. Although the time and location is constantly changing, this is where The Time Traveler embarked in his first journey into time. This painting shows a place in Richmond, England.
My text-to-world connection is on a televison show called ¨Legends of Tomorrow¨. This show is about a team of individuals with superhuman abilities, that travel through time to defeat some of the worlds greatest villains. This clock represents the importance of time in both this show, and my book.
A Day In The Life- This photo represents my charater, because the Time Traveler was a very intelligent and scientific man. Day in the life: Mandala:
Credits: All media
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