A trip through time

A gallery of the patterns of carpet .

I like the pattern on this carpet it look like a whole bunch of snakes gathering together. I feel like this carpet was made to show how animals can work together and also how the color works it.
This piece of carpet is look like it was made in a village and its send a message of peace and grown. I picked this up through the colors of the carpet.
In this Saddle-Cover is such an unique piece of art. What i find interesting is the yarn balls at the end is attached by beans. The pattern of the carpet look like a blooming flowers.
I enjoy this piece of carpet because it have the Taj Mahal in the embroidery. The color of the carpet have gold in it and it really nice. The pattern around the Taj Mahal look like writing.
This carpet has a lot of chickens on it and it seem to me that they are worshiping the chicken. The carpet has bright colors to catch people attention and it a great piece of art.
This is a Saddle-cover and which catch my attention again was how the beans leads to the bundle of yarn. The pattern in the middle look like stars.
I find these sock cool because of the color use in the sock and also the patterns look like plants. I didn't know sock was detail that much.
This pattern look like the great pyramid in red. I enjoy this piece of carpet due to the color and the detail on the side.
This carpet reminds me of the farm land. The pattern have chickens and corn and people and it also have the yarn balls at the rug.
The pattern of the attention is the middle squares also the orange color of the. I like how this is a horse-cover and the ending yards on the covers beads.
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