Matt Olson Feeling Nature

I chose this high up view of Grandcamp because of the great view of the water and the plants in the foreground.
Spring Landscape appealed to me by its vast plantlife and the sleepy tone of the sky that gels well with the rest of my selections
The depth of Moonlit Night on the Dniepr drew me to it. The artist does not offer much visually, but I feel the piece makes you ponder, which i enjoyed.
Such a great piece from almost 200 years ago caught my eye. Beautiful trees and landscape with the vast ocean in the background made for a great fit for my gallery.
An Avalanche in the Alps was an easy choice for me. A scence of nature but turmoil makes this a great piece.
Moonrise over the sea reminded me of the calm of a Florida sunrise or sunset. It is flowing and beautiful, with two great ships sailing to sea.
A truly astonishing piece with great mountains that remind me of Hawaii. The ships give the piece motion and life, while the ocean provides the great calm as it always does.
The piece "Summer" embodies the word nature and free to me. Great plant life with a dark background makes the viewer contemplate the true meaning of this painting.
Credits: All media
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