Appreciation of Nature

A collection of works about nature from around the world. Meant to try and bring the viewer around the world through nature art.

We start this adventure with a dense scene from Korea. With bold greens and painting reeds of some sort it's clear this is meant to be a still life of nature.
Here we move to France, but we keep the idea of deep greens and still life painting. Waterlilies on a lake are a great continuation from the reeds before.
Now we jump back to Asia, this time to Japan though. We still have a still life of nature, and still have deep greens, though this time we add some of the sky into it. With this one, we add a touch of humanity to it.
Going back to Korea, we see deep greens, but also a lot more sky. The physical human element is gone, replaced by a very human idea of nature, that everything is circular.
Now, we move to the US and the Yosemite Valley. Now we still have much sky, but the greens are more subdued and muted. We've moved completely away from humans for now.
Here we move further away from the greens and add more blues. Instead of the expected sky we see more of a background instead. though we've added some fauna to the abundance of flora.
Here we move away from water altogether, and add more greens. We now have though, a more balanced feel between flora and fauna.
Here we mute the greens and embolden the reds and browns. Instead of fauna we have a lone woman in her youth. Still though, we are able to appreciate nature in all aspects, human or not.
Here we move from just nature, to human cultivation of nature. An attempt by man to harvest all the beauty of nature into something we can visit in the safety of our own borders.
To end this gallery, we have a tree. A tree at the end of its life as to signify all things must end.
Credits: All media
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