Elements of Art

Liz Farquhar

Line- The lines in this work make up the shapes for all of the objects in this work. The curved lines make up the trees for example. Since there's not a lot of detail, the lines really lead the work.
Shape- This work is only made of rectangles, but the values of them and way they are placed turn this into art. The shapes are very geometric and different sizes.
Form- These apples would only be shapes without the shading, which made them forms. They are realistic because of the artist's use of values.
Space- Obviously, in this picture there is a large open area of beach. It gives the illusion of depth and openness in this scene. Most of this space is negative.
Texture- You can see there is texture on the ground in this work. The artist must have used many colors and strokes to create the look of dead leaves on the ground. This is a bumpy simulated example.
Value- For this work, the artist used many dark values to make it realistic. Her bridge of her nose is light and the shadows of her clothing are dark to show their value.
Color- The use of color in this was used with the vibrant colors that set the mood which was happy. Many primary colors are being used like red, blue and yellow. Green & orange are being used too.
Credits: All media
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