Venus of Many Forms

This gallery contains many works of art that contain the same subject matter, which in this case is Venus, but she has been created in many different forms and mediums. This shows how one idea can inspire artists re-imaging and transform this image through out the years. The time frame in which these works of art were created are any where between the second century BC to 2007 and are organized in that fashion from oldest to newest. Venus has inspired artists for many years. Typically Venus is known to be the statue of a woman without arms sculpted by Alexandros of Antioch, also known as the Venus De Milo.

This statue of Venus was chosen because it is one of the older versions of this subject matter and similar to the more common Venus De Milo.
This shows Venus in a different light as a mother teaching her child.
Botticelli shows Venus rising out of the sea as if the sea were giving birth to her.
This relief sculpture of Venus shows her lying on the back of a sea monster riding through the waves as Cupid targets Venus with his arrow.
This Painting of the Birth of Venus has the same idea as Botticelli's but in a different way. Instead of Venus rising out of the water upright it seems as if she is being washed up onto shore.
(C.19th Century)This depiction of Venus seems to be more regal looking down upon Cupid as if he were one of her servants.
I chose this statue of Venus because it depicts her in a new, modern way. This version also shows how Venus still has and impact and inspires artists of today. She is also modeled after Venus De Milo.
Credits: All media
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