Odell 's Picks

contour line: the artist uses a darker line to contour of the horse and rider.
Movement/motion: the viewer can see that position of men bodies are leaning forward/pushing on the oars.
Pattern: although al the little figure are not in a direct pattern the viewer's eyes see it as a pattern.
Outline: the viewer can see the outline of the two figures their legs and arms as well as their heads.
Symmetrical: if the viewer cut the picture in half one side would mirror the other.
Crosshatching: right away viewer sees crosshatching at top of women's head also her face and the dress or robe she has on has crosshatching
Form: this is maybe not a perfect example of form or mass but it is three dimensional height, width and depth.
Line-Implied: This is an example of implied line the viewer's is looking at what appears to be a downward motion of the angle.
Value-Chiaroscuro: This is an example of chiaroscuro in that the artist uses the darker crayon to show shadow and hair and the side of the person's nose and left side of his face.
Space-illusion of depth: this piece of art shows illusion of in that some of the figures appear closer to the viewer while others are appear farther away because of their placement in the picture.
Space-Foreshortening: This is an example of foreshortening in that Madonna is seated and see the illusion of right knee penetrating her robe/dress with other figures standing on both sides and in back of throne chair.
Balance-asymmetrical: This is a good example of asymmetrical balance because the viewer can see an equal amount of light and dark areas on all sides to balance the desiign.
Shape-Geometric: this is an example of geometric shape (a square on a pedestal)
Color-complementary: this is a good example of complementary color in that picture has two shades of blue as well as another shade of blue included in the painting the other colors appear to complement each other.
Repetition/Rhythm: This is an example of repetition and rhythm in the viewer's eyes sees vertical lines of color as well as seeing diagonal lines of color that repeats.
Variety: This is good example of variety because the viewer sees simular objects with varying differences.
Unity: This is an example of unity because the figures all look simular and there is repetition.
Balance-Radial: Even though this is hexagonal shape it's still an example of radial balance the patterns project outward from the center.
Space-positive/negative: this example would be considered a positive space because of empty space surrounding the figure.
Texture-actual: this is an example of actual texture because the material shown is shaped or formed out of the actual texture.
Color-perceptual: this is an example of perceptual color because the viewer sees the trees as one color and the other background areas as another color.
Texture-implied: this is a good example of implied texture in that the viewer sees the robe on the buddhislook real.
Color-analogous: tis is an example of analogous color because of variety of color hues incorporated in the painting.
Color-arbitrary: Here is an example of arbitrary color in that the viewer sees the color of the field not a natural color.
Emphasis-afocal: here is an example of emphasis/afocal inthat the viewer sees the red face of the person as a focal point as well as the glass of beer that maybe indicates that he is an alcoholic.
Contrast: this is a example of contrast in that the lighter and darker colors are next to each otherand they compliment each other.
Emphasis: This a good example of emphasis as the light of the candle sheds light on the face and chest area of the woman so much so that the viewer sees the concerned look on her face.
Scale: This is an example of scale in that emu egg is larger than the person holding it as well as the platform they are standing on.
Proportion: This is an example of proportion in that the riders are very small compared to the size of the horse.
Representational: This is good example of representational art because the viewers sees natural forms of things in nature.
Nonrepresentational: This is an example of nonrepresentational art work in that it is very unique.
Abstract: This is a good example of abstract art work in that it has a variety of circles that are not in set pattern.
Value-monochromatic: this is an example of monochromatic value because the artist uses simular colors in different arrangements.
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