Weather the storm - Tekisha sherry

This collection explores the different stages of a storm at sea. Each painting tells a different part of one cohesive story with the tone given by its subject. These works have a heavy concentration in movement when it comes to waves and how they interact with ships and the surrounding landscape. 

This work shows fishing boats in the midst of an approaching storm. This piece shows a lot of movement, not only in the waves around the multiple ships, but also with the wind billowing in the clothes of the people in the foreground.
This piece shows the dark calm before the storm. There is natural movement in the waves crashing onto the shore and in the dark clouds covering the light in the upper right hand corner. The encroaching darkness taking over the sky helps set the tone for the gallery and shows the intensity for the upcoming storm.
This painting shows several ships sailing through rough seas. The balance of the monochromatic tones with the sharper red gives an interesting tone of a calm and eerie passage through a storm.
This piece shows two main ships with several smaller dinghies traveling through rough waters. The movement of the sea mixed with the different angles of the boats with full sails catching waves makes this look like a true moment in time.
Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee has a very fervent feel to it due to most of it being very dark. The emphasis of light on the small boat and the waves crashing around it draw attention to the struggle of man against Mother Nature.
This work has a lot of contrasting elements in texture, color, and movement. We see debris from the wrecked ships amongst the rocks where the waves are crashing against solid rock formations. The parted clouds holding a lighting bolt also lead the eye towards the rocks, which are a warmer tone than the surrounding sky and sea.
Sea storm with sailing ships has a repetition of similar smooth patterns in the sky and the waves. The waves have a bright highlight, which already look smooth due to the soft brush strokes. The contrast between the light and dark amongst the waves lends to a rough lough throughout despite the style of painting.
View from the Coast of Norway or a Stormy Sea Near the Coast uses highlights of the parting clouds and the waves spraying on the rocks to create a diagonal eye-line throughout the painting. This gives a natural movement to the piece and brings a sharp reality to the atmospheric intensity.
This painting shows a shipwrecked boat and it’s survivors who have made it to shore. There is a lot of intense motion in the waves as they crash and spray against the rocks and lighthouse. This more eerie tone suggests the power that nature has over man.
Ships in the Morning after a Storm, Seeing Land has a very different feel to most of the other pieces in the gallery. This is the breath of fresh air after the storm. We get this tone from the warmth coming over the horizon and the clearing skies. The waves, while still crashing against the shore, have calmed considerably and the ships are able to sail peacefully.
Credits: All media
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