GAP Texture Gallery

The Google Art Project. Collection by Daphia Gaines.

I thought this picture was relegate to texture because I could look the clothing, ground and the smoke from the fires and feel as if I can touch it. Great job at showing that and the overall feel and look on the kids face is great as well.
This one has good detail at showing the texture of a rocky cliff side. If you look at it from afar, the picture really starts to shine in my opinion. Closes you can see his brush strokes..
Look at the building. It shows as if a shadowed side of the building, in the clouds at that. You can see all the variety in surrounding area too. Very Detailed piece. Feels as if I'm looking at a picture from afar.
The look on the guys clothing is just superb. It's like a picture but the paint on the board he's holding gives it away. Shows the texture of everything surround him.
This is cool because of the different colored bricks. I wonder what his process was.
The texture on their robes are good and the bodies are smoothed out. I thought that was a great piece of history.
This is cool. Look at the gold like chariot with the horse...i wonder what this would be if it was complete.
From afar, a great piece showing lots of detail and texture on the man and ground. The wall is great in showing the different colors of the wall and the person inside, looking like a conversation is happening. The paint dripping on his shoes is cool ha
The detail on the people and the ground leads me to a question of wether this just happened or have they been there a while and clothing and earth kind of blends? I don't know but the mystery and detail on this piece has earned a part of my collection.
This was sown and it looks like many many hours of work was done into this. It leads me to wonder what kinds of stuff was going on around that time and area.
These stones are all aligned in way to form a bowl? That's crazy enough to work. I would like to see the top though for myself. either way, it's a great work of art and the outside of it has nice look to it!
This is a helmet from a soldier kept at a museum in Germany. I thought the rust or calcium layers of many years of sitting somewhere looks pretty cool on that old helmet.
These were stone axes. The texture on the bottom piece is pretty rad looking. This is time leaving its mark.
I really sharp rock! I have actually seem something like this before so I thought it was relevant. The cool texture on the rock and colors are nice to look at.
These appears to a shield but very artfully designed! What history could this behold, right? I bet the tip was also used ram people apart from its design of a some figure  coming out. Overall a great looking piece.
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