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The stairs, although wooden and degradable with time, seem to be infinite and everlasting.
I like how the infinity circle is depicted in this piece and how it literally creates a landscape within it, it almost makes me believe that there is a whole world of beings lives inside it.
The beautiful colors is what first attracted me to this piece, how everyone seems to be floating in a river of mud. The figures also seem to be incredibly deceiving and mischievous.
At first this piece gave me the illusion of a whirlwind of flowers, but as I looked more into it i saw the faces within it, it is almost as if the figures in it are dancing.
This shows the destructive nature of humans and that of war and how in the end it doesn't matter what or who you were fighting for because the result is always the same, you end up in a n unrecognizable pile of skulls, alone in the dessert.
It not only makes me think of a sleeping woman, but that of a troubled one who is laying on a psychiatrist's bench, taunted by her mental demons.
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