Impressionist Paintins

This piece is impressionist because it is painted in En Plein Air, it has an open form, and the colours are not blending, but applied side my side.
This piece captures a fleeting moment in time at the Reims Cathedral. It also has the use of the new colours theories. The artist used quick, dab like strokes.
Monet used a landscape with water scene. There is a lighting effect behind the majority of waterlilies causing the light to interact with the subject. The line is very diffused in this painting of waterlilies
This piece creates a sense of calm feeling. There are quick brush strokes, and it is painted in En Plein Air.
This piece is open form with cropped image. This artist is capturing a moment in time and focusing on the light playing on the scene.
There is a sense of calm feeling give by the cool colours and the 's' shaped curve. There are a few pastel colours and the colours are placed side by side and layered
Credits: All media
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