The art of land-cortland gallaway

This gallery’s intent is to highlight some of our worlds most monumental moments of landscapes captured by various artist around the world. That just does not mean showing of artists landscape paintings but the depiction and representation of behind them as well. All while having the privilege of viewing them the way I see them.

This painting to me really captures the t complete mood of a mid sun low morning. This painting has great color and contrast elements within the painting. If you look closely you can see a cow stuck in time admiring the scenery which is its home. Something I do every morning I look out my window.
Jan Hendrick weissenbrunch vision behind this painting really speaks to me. Just the simple way he captures the land in pure daily motion on what I believe is a farm. He shows us viewers great color, depth and fill of an every day routine of a man and his cows on the land.
As most of us know Eugene Delacroix is how for his historical compositions and vivid imagery. This scene which he as captured is more of the calm and scenic route of his artwork is great. To me it looks as if he wanted to paint a calm but windy version of an plain of land with a hint of forest.
This landscape with cattle painting by Carlos de Haes is a great depiction of raw nature meets land. The “nature” which is the wild cattle is true beauty. To me Nature is beauty because I like to see animals in there natural habitats. This painting also shows show a depth of color and feel.
This painting by Francesco Zuccarelli does not have to much color but does have depth and feel. Actually the lack of color is what makes this painting so great. Beyond the people of the town fishing for food you can see an very active town with its people taking care of there everyday duties.
This moonlit landscape view of the Amstel River by Aert van der Neer is truly beautiful. They way he captures this scene is so amazing. He shows off his ability to recreate a view with such color and contrast. If you look closely beyond the river you can even see that he as captured a castle as well.
This lake and land by John Bunyon Brisol is very soothing and calm to the eye. Not much contrasting elements but still amazing. The waters are calm in the lake and beyond the lake it looks to be houses with no activity to them at all. This to me looks to be about dinner time in this painting judging from the warm temp of the painting and no activity.
I really love this piece because I like playful and active scenes. I love the fact that it is winter and there is snow. In fact it looks to me as if they are just coming off of an harsh winter and everybody in the town is out and about having fun and also enjoying the snow.
This piece looks to really capture the harsh conditions of a extremely hot summer. It looks to be not only hot but also very dry. The look to be river is drying up and there is slight activity in this painting. It looks like there are to women washing clothes in the river.
To me this painting really captures an extremely cold winter. There is no movement to me in this piece. Instead I see freezing cold, there are no animals or looks to be not even a wind just dry cold of winters peak.
Credits: All media
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