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Take a journey through the early 1900 's when magic shows were a very popular form of entertainment for the entire family. This gave a huge opportunity for artist to commission work based off culture intrigue and imagination. 

Germain the Wizard showcases what a lot of early magicians were. Sorcerers who summed things in the fire and talked to ghosts. The artist did a great job of capturing that eerie setting with un easy objects which will soon bridge the way for what artist depict how magicians are.
Moneta kept this art simple. He showcased Roody by adding a bit of an exaggeration to his legerdemain or slight of hand. By literally drawing in multiple hands, and then a big hand in the background. This was a very simple drawing compare to what had existed with no spiritual elements included.
This drawing showcased what people believed magicians did. Deals with the devil. Dante does not show fear or dis trust, but rather eagerness and a sense of being calm as the devil rests his hand on his shoulder. People where very curious when it came to magic, especially when the magicians claimed the magic came straight from below.
This art also showcases spirits. There are a couple of tiny devils on the floor in aw over a women summoning things from flames. This also depicts early uses of birds in magic shows. This poster drew a lot of early attention to people as they wondered how Wanda "The Goddess of mystery" was able to create things from flames.
Another drawing for Dante commissioned by Adolf Friedlander gained a lot of attention because of its possessive nature. Showcasing people floating in the air surrounded by tiny demons. Dante captured the attention of many when he would demonstrate this live in a show.
Maingau Druckere took the opportunity to showcase a bit more of Schweizer Bellachini. Instead of just putting one theme into his drawings and letting the viewer try to figure out the rest, he put many things Bellachini was capable of, and what you might see at his show.
This is a very simple and minimalistic drawing of Floyd Magician. Animals were becoming more and more common in the Magic industry as people became more interested in seeing them. Rabbits soon became a legacy and symbol for magicians. As Floyd depicts in this drawing, instead of showing spirits or fancy mechanisms.
This is a very early drawing of Die Mysteriosen Catakomben by Weylandt and Bauchwitz. It takes a very medieval take to magic. People might know what kind of trick is happening, but still might be drawn in by the presents and props. The artists do a great job of capturing people attention because of how old the style is.
In this art of Von Arx there are multiple things being depicted. Skeletons, ghosts, demons, fire, skulls and so on. Taking place in a castle Von Arx shows no fear as he becomes the master of all the creatures that live there. He draws people to his shows with illusions and tricks to make people think he actually has power over the underworld.
Mark Wilson stands in front of a very iconic building for magicians. A large, what seems to be, haunted mansion. The pale face on the lady he is levitating symbolizes a ghostly figure. I have also observed how he seems to look like what early depictions of vampires were. Mysterious creatures in search to feed off men and women.
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