Le Gallery 

Put together by Jordan Veridiano

This artwork gives me the feeling that heavy contour lines were intended but it looks a little unfinished. Despite this, the picture does have a good touch of elegance and the subjects show poise and sophistication.
This painting has heavy reds which is used a lot in symbolism to signify death, which makes sense because the subjects of this painting are in the middle of war. This implies that a lot of blood was shed.
This portrait has a big use of dull colors which kind of portrays the subject to be of little importance in society. Yet again, this could've been used just for household reasons and nothing significant for the public.
This portrait displays a lot of skin showing for a female in this time period, especially because women weren't usually painted as solo subjects. This makes it significant because she is portrayed not just as a common lady of the house but as an important person herself.
This painting shows a man at work with duller colors. Despite the more neutral colors, there is a light from the burner behind him which illuminates the subject and gives the man a glow which implies the flame inside him that gives him life.
This subject is of a man looking at a picture of a woman with a single lamp exposing his face and enough detail in the picture to identify that it is a female he is looking at. He appears to have a small grin on his face that implies that he is remembering positive memories with that woman.
This is a sketch of clothing that has mainly red highlights to resemble the particular kind of people that were designated to wear this.
This is a painting of two sisters dancing together while you can see one of their faces and the other is turned. There is a wider color range compared to the past artworks in this gallery and this painting particularly contains a lot of red and browns.
This is a portrait of a man's side profile. He is portrayed as a serious sophisticated man given what he is wearing.
This portrait was painted in early 1800's and she is conveyed as educated, sophisticated and also bored. This implies her as being the bare minimum contentment regarding her life.
This painting of still fruit displays a lot of soft, rounded objects rather than harsher, sharp objects. The colors are also more soft in the aspect of warm colors and no bright, neon colors or any of the sorts.
This paintings main subject is the melon and this has vibrant but soft colors in the foreground and a good use of shadowing.
This portrait has a feel of poise and elegance and this women is the clothes canvas. This woman is displayed to be sophisticated and from money or married into money.
This painting is kind of a collaboration of many different things that look a little worn down. There are different forms of art presented in this painting such as sculpture, writing, culinary, and painting.
This is a painting putting use to perspective as well as verticle and diagonal angles which derive from the trees and the buildings.
This painting is very dull especially for portraying nature. The color range mainly contains greens and softer pastel green/whites. The focus is put on the dead branch in the middle of the stream on a small strip of land.
This painting shows a crow surrounded by leaves and fruit. This shows the inner beauty of the crow by putting it in front of the
This is a painting of birds in their natural habitat, portrayed with colorful, vibrant shades. There are four birds total and they are split between two a reddish shade and the other two are a plain white with black and yellow colors incorporated.
This bust shows Giuseppe Balsamo looking upwards and into the distance. This implies that he is optimistic and a prepared, sophisticated individual.
This is a bust of a man that modeled for Ceracchi. The subject is shown to be content.
This is a sculpture of a child and this subject is displayed to look scared. Looking scared implies that he is hiding from something and with the verticle vision, looking up, this implies that he is scared of either God or and elder person.
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