God of the underworld

Visual representations and depictions of the Greek god Hades and the Roman equivalent, Pluto. Artistic concepts of the underworld, based on Greek and Roman mythology. 

Painting of Pluto(Hades) kidnapping Proserpine, daughter of Ceres. The artwork features linear perspective, light shading, and flat, earth-like colors. The detail is very smooth, to emulate movement.
Bronze sculpture of Pluto(Hades), god of the underworld, kidnapping Proserpine(Persephone), the goddess of the underworld. It features realistic detail and geometrically sound structure.
Sculpture of Pluto(Hades) god of the underworld, in life-like detail. Common depictions of this deity included facial hair, low brows, and, an ambitious demeanor in character.
Dark ink on blue paper painting. High in color contrast, the painting shows Pluto, speaking to Belphagore, while surrounded by the fires of Hades; viewed as a name for the underworld in this painting.
An illustration with dark, vivid colors, shows the river of Hades, and the mouth of Acheron. Tondal is painted naked, and the angel is seen wearing a bright robe with gold lining.
This manuscript features tempera colors and ink. The image shows Tantalus and Ixion during their tragic fate in the underworld. The curvature of the outlines resembles movement.
Quite rare in Athenian pottery; this vase contains fine- lined, detailed decorations on Terracotta, similar to Roman culture. It depicts an interaction between gods and goddesses in Hades.
Rembrandt's acclaimed masterpieces features his famous use of light and dark contrasts, smooth edges and rough texture; on oak wood. The painting shows Hades(Pluto) abducting Persephone(Proserpine).
Albrecht Dürer's rendition of Hades and Proserpine on a unicorn has left many curators puzzled. His detail on this iron etching are smooth, with a sense of depth, and shading.
This oil on canvas painting features smooth texturing and detail, commonly practiced in French art. The artwork shows the iconic abduction scene of Hades and Persephone in a different scenario.
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