Concealment From The Demoralization Of Adulthood

Innocence is the way children stay children and the reason adults are adults. It does not take much for that concealment to be whisked away in the reality of our world. As children, we are protected from the disturbing elements of reality, but keeping a the wall up for too long can be more harmful than corruption itself. 

The two bottles of soda pictured represent both corruption and innocence. They could contain alcohol, which would hint that their owner is corrupted. Opposingly,soda is associated with innocent kids.
Children have the most innocence; they have not experienced enough to have had that precious innocence corrupted. They look at life differently than an adult with no innocence. Maturity changes them.
When you are a child, our adult figures give us ways to protect ourselves, whether it be from a chill or the people around us. As we grow, these precautions are stripped away, leaving us exposed.
As children, one only sees a small, controlled window of society. When one is corrupted, their window gradually opens and they can clearly see how different the world is looking at the full picture.
Innocence is bottled up inside; the bottle is slowly cracked to the breaking point or it is smashed to pieces in an instant. The rocks hitting the bottle are society; the fatal surface is corruption.
Part of losing innocence is learning the truth about the world. In this piece titled "In the Classroom",the students are learning about their world. Knowing the truth can be a big part of corruption.
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