Final Project

By: Jasmine Belarmino

Picture 1 This person used bright colors for the flowers and you can see the value in her face. The line in the bird and the texture of her hair and the bird.
Picture 2 You can see how they used value of black and white and in her hair. The texture of using a brick wall. This has feelings in which she's looking down with a frown.
Picture 3 The brightness in the color of the background and the butterfly and roses. It's beautiful. You can see the value in her hair as light blue goes dark. Also you can see it in her face.
Picture 4 This picture has a lot of space using water. Vibrant color used for the water is just beautiful. They used line for the grass and value in the water.
Picture 5 He used texture for the wings and where the bird flew. Vibrant colors for the bird itself and the background as well. He used shape and form for the bird.
Picture 7 This artist used value in her face and the flowers. Where light pink turns dark and tan turns purple for her blush. Texture for the bird's wing and tail feathers.
Picture 8 The texture in the skin as she used scales. The value in the face and where it is really dark to where it gets medium then really light. I love how he used a couple of primary colors also.
Picture 9 The line used for the background to make those shapes. The beautiful color used for the fish and the value in blue used to make the hair pop. The space used is incredible.
picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 The lines used to separate the designs from one another so they do not blend. The texture in the feathers and amazing color in the lines, shapes, and trees.
Credits: All media
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