Serena's egyptian gallery

This gallery features some cool art made by ancient Egyptians. I think its pretty neat that they stayed preserved throughout all of the years... :~)

This fancy gold ring probably belonged to a pharaoh or a rich nobleman. Only aristocrats could afford fancy gold jewelry.
This fragment of a stone relief appears to be picturing an Egyptian speaking, as there are some hieroglyphics coming out of his mouth. Perhaps he is praying, in which case he could be of any social class.
This fish sculpture was probably made by a craftsperson. It may have been a container to hold something, a tool for a working class citizens, but maybe it was simply a decoration in a pharaoh's home.
This beautiful vase must have been made by a master craftsman. It could have easily been a beautiful decoration, but maybe it was used to hold something.
These statues appear to be guarding a tomb. They must be guarding a pretty fancy royal,just look at the sheer size of that tomb.
Wow, I just love this color. Maybe it was used at a banquet hosted by a nobleman. It must have been made by a master potter.
The people pictured in this stone relief appear to be praying to a god. Everything about this picture is so intricate.
Maybe this knife was used to kill a cow that could be offered to the gods. It is called a "ritual knife", maybe it was used to perform such rituals.
This fancy spoon must have been used at prestigious parties hosted by rich noblemen or royalty. It's handle must have been difficult to make.
This amulet just may have been somebody's lucky charm. I bet a jewelry maker made this. I wonder if it was worn on a necklace or if it was a decoration in somebody's home.
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