Level II Humanities

While not drawn by Michelangelo, this piece is fascinating in that it is a recreation of the famous sistine chapel art. I like the obvious care taken to try and recreate the work of his hero.
This is a clay statue of moses holding some tablets. It was sculpted by Michelangelo sometime around 1505. I chose it because I loved its character-esque look.
In the sketch, two outstretched arms are portrayed. These arms can be found in the Sistine Chapel as well. I chose this piece because I love how humanlike the arms appear to be.
In this sketch, a muscular figure is being shown. The main focus of the detail lies in the composition of his muscles. I chose this sketch because I was fascinated by the detail in this piece.
Saint Anthony is surrounded by demons, all of various shapes and sizes, but he seems tranquil. I picked it because the colors are vivid and intriguing.
There’s a sketch of a gargoyle in the upper right corner and a crouching male-esque figure holding a harness. I picked it because of the simple yet beautiful style.
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