Gold: The True Color of Royalty

A mix between the royal color gold and the royal culture of Egypt.

You can't talk about Egypt without talking about the Sphinx. One of the most iconic symbols in not just Egypt, but the world in general.
I'm not completely sure why, but this stuck out to me. Gold just catches my eye and this is pretty gold.
King Tut, enough said. Tutankhamun is one of the most recognizable Pharaohs there is. He is true Royalty.
This appeared to be a snake to me and that's what would be on a Pharaoh's head crown. Once again, very royal and gold.
Ancient Egyptian wall art. It can be found on the walls of where the kept the Pharaoh's tombs.
A unique piece probably more Chinese than Egyptian, but it is very similar to how the snake would be.
More Egyptian wall art and you can tell that its on the wall of a temple.
This egg just spoke to me! I picture a King having something like this in their castle and it doesn't get more royal than a King.
I found this to be pretty awesome. Its like they're really there protecting the temple.
I thought of Mary and Jesus when I saw this and that's as royal as it gets. The King of Kings! Its also a nice gold piece.
I find this very cool that someone can sculpt these pieces out in the open like that.
I can definitely see a Pharaoh or even a King wearing this.
This Egyptian wall art appears to be on the inside of a temple which gives it an even cooler feature.
I'm part Cuban, so I drink coffee everyday. I'm also part Egyptian and that's why this gold spoon stands out to me. Royalty would definitely eat or stir their coffee with this.
Last, but certainly not least, we have Giza Pyramids which are an attraction and a symbol of Egypt.
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