Examples of line art work

The lines in this piece are curved and overlapping. This is a drawing on paper and the lines are made with charcoal. The lines make me feel hectic because they are going in different directions.
This work of art has a few black lines on it. The medium of this piece is watercolor paint. The lines in this make me feel calm because of the simplicity of the lines.
The lines in this are brown and vertical. They reach to the to of the painting. The artist used acrylics on a canvas for this painting.
The two sections of lines on this piece are going diagonal in opposite directions.This is a painting made from acrylics on a canvas.
The lines on this are alternating from straight to curvy. This is a painting made from synthetic polymer powder paint and it is on composition board.
The lines in this piece are horizontal and shades of brown and black. At the top there are fading blue lines. This is a knife drawing on polyester-based super glossy color paper.
This is a knife drawing with diagonal lines crossing over the background. The background is half light blue and half navy.
The lines are in the background of this piece in the sky. These lines are shades of blue and orange. The lines on this make me feel peaceful because the lines are depicting a sunset.
The lines in this painting are in the middle and are very curvy. This painting was completed on synthetic polymer paint on composition board.
There are lines that are zigzagged and others that are diagonal. In this painting the lines intersect.
Credits: All media
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