Depth of the City

The paintings be Ham, Myung Su from the Korean Art Museum Association embody the varying aspects of humanity. The paintings depict the differing societies that we live in. Poverty, wealth, distortion, vanity, inequity, fabrication, and the ancientness of modern culture and humanity in general are all found in the following paintings. Each person may see the following paintings differently and may find the above themes in a unique way, just as we do in our own lives and in our own perspectives of society. 

Many houses sit side by side, their colors blurring into sectors and communities.
The modern world, bustling. What would happen if they lost their light?
Our question answered. Skewed images and blurred lines.
The pollution confused with icing atop a birthday cake.
New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Miami, Tokyo, Sao Paulo. Don't they look the same?
Construction. Building the cities before us, building the cities after us.
The fire burns, leaving ruins to be revered for centuries to come.
The slums woven by the threads of the wealthy.
The Earth is given stars.
Credits: All media
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