I create this gallery to depict the different variation of human emotions that are shown or transmitted through these paintings, sculptures or photograph to the audience.

This is a mural of a woman getting out of the water. I chose this painting because the corporal expression and the shaded color of the paint gives this woman a dramatic and desperate depiction.
The scream by Edvard Munch is a painting that without doubt has made a very distinctive impression on all of us. The protagonist of this piece shows a distressed face which fits in our gallery topic.
Even though this is an abstract painting and it doesn't depicts an specific image, I think that the strong and almost aggressive brush strokes can talk by themselves about the artist emotions.
This is the piece that inspired the whole gallery. I think that the symbolism used by Frida shows how afflicted she was by everything happening in her life and how she expressed it through the canvas.
This modern painting shows the romantic love between a man and a woman that are going to meet in a kiss.
As the title of the masterpiece explains, pain is what we find in the sculpture of this woman that seems to be devastated because of some unknown event.
In this painting we can observe Frida in a bed with a baby in her belly. This painting shows the emotion of a woman that desperate for having a child but is unable to con conceive, as Frida was.
The man in this painting looks like he is humbly asking or praying for something to a bigger force. His body language and raced hands make him look like he is asking an answer.
This is a woman with her face bathed in gold paint. She has her hands at both sides of her face while opening her mouth. This photograph shows deep despair in her face as she is screaming.
To close this gallery I chose this pretty emotive moment between mother and child. I believe this is one of the purest moments and expression of love existing. The emotion portrayed here is love.
Credits: All media
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