One point perspective

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Foreground - River, trees, rocks on the side. Middle ground - River, patch of land, castle. Background - Bridge, sky, mountains.
Foreground - Crops, grass, road Middle ground - Roadm treesm people, land Background - Buildings, the sky
Foreground - Trees, Middle ground - Shore, animals castle, boat Background - Mountains, sky
Foreground - River, boats, people Middle ground - Buildings, river Background - Bridge, buildings, sky
Foreground - brown land Middle ground - a city and volcanoes Background - the sky
Foreground - A building & a road, going all the way down to the background Middle ground - Buildings Background - The sky and buildings.
Foreground - People, the road, buildings, staircase. Middle ground - Buildings and the road. Background - The sky, trees, a car.
Foreground - Trees, mountain Middle ground - Mountain, river, boats, people, animals Background - Sky, mountains.
Foreground - Trees Middleground - Trees, rivers, land Background - Ocean, sky
Foreground - Tree, person. Middle ground - Remains of a temple, trees Background - Body of water, city, sky
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