Depictions Of Jesus Christ -(Colten Mortensen)

This gallery has many depictions of the one known as Jesus Christ, many are plain to see who he is, but others are much more subtle, threw out the ages many people have shown their depictions of who he is, what he looks like and most importantly what he did. though many people have different opinions and beliefs about Jesus Christ, One thing we can all agree on is that he Changed the world and has continued to have his impact on the world today. 

In this print we can n this depiction of Christ’s announcing his betrayal at the Last Supper, you can see Christ with John the apostle leaning on Christ’s Chest, as we look closer we can see Judas, The betrayer to the right looking towards us with his money purse in hand
This painting not only shows Christ’s teaching two of the most important people in his life, Mary and Martha. but in this painting you can see how Christ always taught with such power, you can see this in Mary’s expression who is siting at Christ’s feet has a look of peace, from the words and council given. If we look closely at Christ you can see that famous Glow that is so popular among paintings of Jesus.
Christ is often known for the miracles he has performed. One of the most famous is giving sight to the blind, in this image by William Blake I love his depiction of Christ, with his hand held out in a loving and caring reach, as Bartimaeus reaches with a determination to be healed.
This is one of the most hart warming moments in the Bible, after Christ is resurrected the very first person he seeks out to comfort is Mary. This painting is a very unique depiction of this moment. Mary has a look of reverent Awe, as one she cared so much and had lost, stands before her.
Christ Cleansing the temple by Bernardino has become one of my favorite depictions of this moment. the money changers have almost a look of shock as he wiped them out of the temple. even though for many of us it would be easy to get angry the Artist paints almost a look of disappointment on Christ’s face.
Christ and the Woman of Samaria by Pierre is one of the most beautiful uses of color I’ve seen the clothes both Christ and the Samarian woman just glow, in this painting you can see how Christ is teaching this woman, and the placements of Christ’s hands are almost saying where Christ came from.
Painter Josef Fuhrich, depicts beautifully how the Apostle Peter who reached to the savior for safety after running upon the water towards christ. you can see the calmness in Christ’s appearance amidst the storm around him. you can see the fear in Peters face as he starts to sink and reaches for Christ’s safety
This moment in Christ’s life just leaves me in awe, he shows even he needed heavenly help to shoulder the burden that he was so willing to take upon him alone. in the painting you can plainly see how exhausted Christ is. as the angel almost is holding him upright. this painting you can see nothing but love and care as Christ suffers for the pains and afflictions of the world.
This Painting truly tugs at the hart strings. as you look at a man who threw his entire life did nothing but teach and serve, be ridiculed and mocked. the artist depicts Christ as he willingly suffers with out any look of rebellion, he truly looks submissive to his captors. with no one to love and care for him he is surrounded by ridicule and hate. literally every part of him from his aberrance and clothes, down to his claim to the Devine.
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