Impressionism paintings

These five paintings are the paintings I felt most emotional  while observing them. 

This painting makes me feel emotional. I don't know if it's happiness or beauty that makes me feel this way, but I do know that this painting makes me inspired.
This painting makes me feel excited and joyful. When I see this painting, all the happy people wearing beautiful clothing make me feel like I was born in the wrong time period.
This painting makes me feel serene and calm. I feel like I could have a nice picnic with my family here.
Even though this shows war and violence, it's portrayed in such a beautiful way. The color of the water and the dark shading makes the atmosphere more gloomy, showing how people felt about this topic.
This painting makes me think that people were happy. The bright colors and the cheery crowd of people gives the picture an optimistic attitude.
Credits: All media
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