Color schemes


The primary colors make it look kind of rustic, and they give the painting sort of an old fashioned 60's theme. They keep it kind of basic and cute as well.
The secondary colors give the piece a groovy feeling. They are vibrant, and they make the artwork playful, curious, and light. The random floating tree's do that as well.
The complimentary colors make everything look very balanced and organized. They keep the artwork from being just "cool" or just "warm" because they are opposite but balances.
This monochromatic artwork is solemn and gloomy because of the different shades of blue. The deep "under water blue" makes this piece kind of spooky as well.
The black and white colors make this artwork confusing and complex.Somehow it seems as if it is complex,but simple at the same time. The colors don't really arouse any passion or feelings,just thought
These analogous colors work together to create a message or theme that is spooky. The colors look light and wispy. They almost appear to be ghost-like.
These cool colors portray a cultural theme. The colors work together well. The colors make the artwork seem kind of sad or serious, like she could possibly be at a ceremony or funeral.
These warm colors create an earth-like energetic theme. They look like they are colors you could find on a prairie. They make the artwork seem free of troubles and gloom.
Credits: All media
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