Color and Shadows

The dark shadows of this dress define the brightness used to support the main images of Madonna and Christ.
Shadow and lighting can both highlight and tell a story, my favorite are night scenarios for some reason. even though the colors are darkened they are no less important.
The shadowed castle Van Gogh sees while looking out his cell and painting how he see the night sky. Shadows are cast in their relative locations while being skewed by his swirly lines, however there is still use of color in Van Gogh's shadows.
A bit more abstract, shadows are even used here to contrast the rectangles which are various colors , but its possible to see the colors of night or a sunset.
The sun being a fading light source uses the clouds that are before it to cast a darkness over the water and landscape in front of it, still exhibiting brilliant colors.
The one cascade of light from the moonlight onto the water is brought into focus by silhouetting everything around it to highlight the contrast between the bright moon and darkness spread because of the clouds.
The shadows create a glare or luminescence as the sun goes down in the background, though the demon is known to be a representative of evil he is surrounded by surreal beauty, and almost looks harmless himself.
I like the way the shading really pops out the bones of Van Gogh's skeleton an image that was definitely ahead of its time.
Rembrandt was known for his light and dark contrasts, his illuminated objects were always the focal point of his scene.
This is a gloomy yet vibrant environment which uses light and color to stage that mood of mysticism.
The shadows fall more an more as the sunset is on the horizon.
Seurat uses shadows to create depth in his intricate details, notice we are in the biggest shadow glancing in.
A very peaceful and ridged landscape where the peak of the mountain is casting the most prominent shadow, enhanced by the bright colors of the terrain around.
A great example of light and dark contrast to create drama and emotion, and an epic use of its tone to encite fear.
Amidst the darkness an illuminated light as from heaven shines down perhaps to take them away before they bear any true pain, or just that they may have seen a more glorius light before their end would come.
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