This period of time was a time of "rebirth". Directly after the middle ages it was a time of rebirth for culture, arts, and much more. More specifically a rebirth of Greek and Roman culture. The art of this time was more based on humanism and the individual. They started to use different techniques like perspective and the use of light and dark.

This painting is part of the Italian renaissance. It has vibrant colors and has the use of light and dark. Also the the wrinkles and shading of the clothes makes it much more realistic. The use of the gold halo around their heads is from the dark ages but still used here. It shows that this painting is religious
There is a lot of detail in the people and the cloths with the shading and the use of the light and dark. however unlike most renaissance paintings there really isn't much use of perspective.
The attention to detail is very high. Also there is a lot of use of shading which makes everything look more realistic. But again there is like a flat background and not much perspective used.
This is a fantastic painting. It has very good shading in the clothes and faces to make them look very realistic and it also has very good detail in the background. With this painting Titian fantastically uses perspective.
The people that he paints are unbelievably realistic and the perfect shading of their clothes just adds to it. There is less use of a background and perspective however. It is better than a wall background though at least its the sky with a couple clouds.
The attention to detail is insane. Also like other renaissance arts there is a great use of perspective to make everything look more 3D and more realistic.
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