Element of Art Gallery: Color

By: Gabriela Brito

This image is an example of primary triadic because it has all three primary colors; red,blue and yellow.
The violet from the scarf, the orange from the sun and green from the field makes his image an example of secondary colors.
The yellow-orange, red-violet, and green-blue from the womens tutu makes this image a tertiary triadic.
This image is an image of Monchromaric
Complementary colors. Royal blue and orange are identified in the image. Blue being the sky and orange being the stars and moon.
Tetradic color scheme is being identified in this image because blue and orange are opposites along with green and red being opposites.
This image is an example of split complementary because the colors blue and purple are split to yellow which is the color of the women. The colors blue and green also split to complement red.
This image is an example of analogous colors because yellow and green are together on the color wheel and so is orange and red.
This image is and example of warm colors. The room is bright and does not give a negative vibe.
This image is an example of cool colors. Theres then blue and green side of the color wheel and the image seems to be fading a bit in the distance.
Credits: All media
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