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Marianna Villabona p.3

I chose this painting for the renaissance style because of the color variation and the woman in the painting looks like a saint, and I know religion was very important for painters in the renaissance.
I like this painting because it is something you do not see often, which is a monkey. The princess does not seem like she is a princess, so that was interesting to me too. It looks very dark also.
I chose this painting because I like Frida Kahlos style of painting, and this painting demonstrates the struggles of her life. Although it is creepy, it has a real, deeper meaning to it.
I chose this painting because the shapes in the painting make up a bigger image, and I like the color variation. The pink and in the center emphasize the background.
I chose this painting because the style of pop art made a regular old barn look exciting. The way this is painted is the perfect definition for pop art. The dots emphasize the red barn & green tree.
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