A womans influence

This gallery was created to represent the power, strength, control, and triumph of women through paint. Since the beginning of time the influence of a woman and how they have been depicted is more than just a foundation of beauty, it's a mainstay of culture.

With Lady Justice centered she appears glorified due to her size in the painting. The use of primary colors leaves the viewer filled with awe. To see the contrast of sword and scale is remarkable. Balance in one hand and swift justice in the other.
In mythology Mars was encompassed with mayhem and madness due to being the god of war. A forbidden love from Venus only made the scars of violence diminish. Viewers can see not only weapons of the past and present, but the power of love.
The goddess of truth has a shining light behind her as she comes to what appears a mortals rescue.This illumination gives the viewer an example of the radiance and virtue. Darkness remains with Mars giving the balance of light and dark is personified fairly well.
Pallas is seen consoling the creature who looks as if he is under great sadness and despair. The use of space works wonderfully in this piece to show the distance of the boat in the background. Pallas almost has a intimidating demeanor with the fact she is brandishing a weapon.
This vast image of Venus being created only adds to the influence that the goddess had amongst painters in the 17th century.The variety of the actions taking place add to this piece's complexity. The emphasis of Venus targets the viewer to the center and causes the eye to scan the rest of this magnificent oil on canvas.
The virgin Mary on the wall give these women hope.There is only one woman who has a look of concern as to what is going on outside the cave.They came to the cave for safety and hope that the Virgin can help them in this dark time.
Christ is seen asking for water and the Samaritan woman looks rather apprehensive.The intermediate colors give this painting the life it needs.The gospel of John is the inspiration behind this work.
Desperation drove Judith to sneak into Holofernes tent while sleeping. His lust allowed her to gain access resulting in his untimely demise. The emphasis on the head show the malice of her actions.
The proportions of the figures in this artwork give the viewer something to relate to. The angels surrounding Mary add to her transparency. People rejoicing complete her ascension as a higher power.
Samson lays asleep in Delilah's lap and is betrayed.The seven braids of his hair were his vitality and reasoning behind his superhuman strength. Love drew him in and deceit is what he received.
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