Lawrence dietrich


This sculpture represents shape mainly because of it's flat sides, but also because of its noticeable side length and width.
Form is represented in this artwork and is shown by its sides and height. You can also see form in this artwork by its shadows around it proving that it is not two dimensional.
Value is seen in the artwork by its darkness and lightness in the color of the sides and the top of it.
This piece of art shows texture by its rough looking sides and the coloration between the formed dents on the curves.
Lines are used in this sculpture as seen when look at the hair and the clothing. This technique gives the artwork more detail and helps you realize what each part of the work is.
Color is very obvious in the piece of art giving it a bright outgoing effect to it.
Space is shown in this artwork by being able to see right through the middle of it. This helps give it a more realistic affect especially for this artwork, since it is a type of food.
This piece of artwork shows variety by its different textures, colors, showing proportion and space.
This sculpture shows harmony because is shows shape and also texture. It shows shape because of the nose, and it shows texture because of the way the surface on it looks.
This artwork shows balance because of the similarities on each side of it. Each side is sharing colors and textures within it.
This sculpture shows proportion within the size of the head and the size of the body. The proportion within the head and body are similar and not dramatically off balance
This artwork emphasizes the smaller object on it by giving the bottom half detail and a taller look. This helps draw the eye from the bottom of the work all the way to the main object at the top.
This building shows rhythm by the way the building sides flow as you look higher and higher.
This piece of art shows pattern by the use of red and white on the sides.
This sculpture shows movement by the position the horse is in (looking as if it is running).
Credits: All media
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