"Take that to the banksy" (Joe voelker)

This gallery is centered around the artist Banksy and some of his work done specifically on stationary cement or brick walls. I have always had a love for edgy art and what is edgier than an art piece done illegally. A lot of the art that inspires me is from the 80’s when people were using art to get political messages across with art that was comedic and som art that was edgy and told the truth. Banksy is a modern day artist that still uses truthful and edgy images to get a point across.

In this first image we have a painter who looks like the idea of a classical painter. The painter in the picture is not painting your typical classical picture like you might expect. He is painting what looks to be very basic crude graffiti name spelling out “Banksy”. The way minimal colors were used like the painter who was painted in black to show a boring basic idea of what an artist is and the word Banksy that is done in red to draw attention and make it the main point of focus. I like how this painting could reflect so much such as starting off as a basic classically trained artist into an edgy urban artist who does whatever he needs to do to have his message heard.
This next picture is a real fun one with a not so fun subject matter. This picture shows a man hanging naked from a window while an angry husband looks out to see who was just with his wife. This is another great examine of an edgy theme drawing attention to something people don't want to talk about. The use of hard and soft lines gives this photo real depth and makes it look like there is a window where there was not one in real life.
This image has a super edgy theme that I'm sure the government in England loved. This image shows two people dressed like members of the government but with the faces of clowns. There are a few characters behind them that all seem very sad, even the colors the background characters are done in are a lot darker and depressing than the two clowns in the front.Banksy did a great job showing the government as joke and its oppression of its constituents.
This picture has two of my favorite things graffiti and fishing. This painting was a message to the graffiti removal team. In the picture you see a little boy in overalls with a fishing pole holding a sign that says street cred. The colors used in the main part of this painting are very dull and don't pop out at you. The soft colors give the painting a very real feeling I imagine from a distance you may think there is really a little boy siting on a wall holding something. The only thing that pops is the message written in yellow it needed to pop because it was a message to all the officials and fans who thought he was gone after being arrested.
This painting was done only using black and a stencil, this little rat fellow has been used by Banksy to show the corruption of the government and overall under maintained dirty streets in the UK. Even though this rat is a simple and funny little picture it had a huge social connection and his message spread like wildfire. People started to ask what these thing were and it drew a lot of attention. Even the simplest little thing can be such a huge symbol and can fuel a change in the people.
This painting shows to British constables making out and embracing each other. It was done in a wood frame to give it the appearance of them standing in the door way. With a lot of black areas and how this painting is done I imagine it looks like there is really a couple in a doorway at night. The wood frame adds so much depth without any shadowing. It inspires me to see how some artists use such simple tools and mediums to accomplish so much.
This piece has a police sniper peering down his scope at the innocent people below. Behind the sniper is a small boy with a cap in one hand that has a white flag coming out of hit with a heart on it. In the other hand the little boy has bag that is somewhat a mystery, I fond myself asking is the little boy being sweet and bringing the sniper a gift to make him stop or is he being mischievous and is going to pop the bag and scare the man. This piece is done with simple colors like a lot of his other paintings. Even with the use of dull minimal colors he always seems to achieve so much depth.
This piece shows a city worker cleaning up graffiti under an orange street light. The way the city worker is painted behind some of the graffiti it looks like he is standing in the wall cleaning off the words. He used colors with a heavier orange tint to match the lighting where the piece was painted. The way the colors were used make this painting very life like and realistic.
This piece has a large bird like creature handing balloons to the silhouette of a small girl. There are words between the two of them as if a conversation was occurring while he hands her the balloons. The painting is done on a wall and makes me think it is in a very oppressive place. The girl looks like she is chained to a large hand that is holding her down and no matter how hard she tries she will always need more to free herself from the oppressive hand. There is a flag on the birds arm as if the country is behind what she is doing and everyone is trying to raise above the wall. The plain black silhouette looks like it may be intended to give hope to anyone who looks at it. Because without any distinguishing marks the girl could be anybody.
This piece is a collaboration between Banksy and a few other artists. The painting was done on the wall of a movie theater and pictures a caveman walking in with a tray in his hand that has snacks and drinks for the movie. There is also a little monkey in a dress standing there with the name of the artist who did it on the front. There is also a picture of a little boy done completely in black and white with the exception of the red on his hands and the artists name written in red as if the little boy had done it. This picture does not seem to have the deep meanings of most his others and seems to be more of a signature letting people know they were there.
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