Pakistan and Nepal CUlture 

This is a sculpture of Buddha, and it shows the importance of religion in Pakistan.
This image show the beautiful architecture of buildings in Pakistan.
This man, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, was the founder of Pakistan.
This picture shows a women's figure and the Pakistan vision of beauty.
This is a mosque and its intricate designs, shows the effort put in to there religion and mosques.
This a figure of a Buddhist Monk witch is a spiritual person of Nepal. Someone who a committed there life to there god.
I think this is a god of some kind and is important to Nepal's culture and religion.
Here is a graffiti design, that show the creativity and hard work from people in Nepal.
Earthquakes rip down everything when they hit and this happened in Nepal.
In Nepal, because of earthquakes cause houses to fall and people can't live there anymore. So many people end up living in tents.
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