Tranquility By Veronica Hagan

My theme is all about things that I find calming. You can find tranquility in many places, but I find tranquility mostly through nature. Many of these painting's include people relaxing in a nature setting. These images depict tranquility the most through nature, actions, or lack there of. 

This image shows a few individuals picking fruit from a tree. The open field with bright green grass gives a very calming feeling. You can almost hear the wind and you can feel how peaceful this setting is.
This painting is of a child, who is painted rather large, sitting by the water watching a tiny sailboat. This image is painted on the side of the building. It is so well blended you almost feel like the building is part of the painting.
This painting is of a woman with majestic, golden hair riding on a horse. A clear setting is not painted so it almost feels like an image from a dream.
This image is of a large landscape in what I am assuming is Japan. If you look closely in the top left you can see small individuals enjoying the view. This really shows how insignificant we are compared to these great landscapes.
This image is of people relaxing in a park by the water. It is interesting that they didn't paint their faces. This seems like a hot spot for families to go to get out of the house.
This painting is of a lake with beautiful plants floating in it. I imagine this lake being surrounded by trees. The image is painted in a manner in which if you were to get really close to it you would begin to lose sight of what it is.
This painting is of a wide landscape with a large rainbow in the background. This painting is a great example of tranquility as nature is extremely calming.
This painting is of what I am assuming is a mother and her children. They are very much enjoying themselves outside. Tranquility comes along with enjoying your families company.
This painting is of a cliff by a beautiful beach. The beach is very calming and where a lot of people like to find peace. This painting is also one of those paintings that fall apart when you get close to it.
This painting is of nicely groomed trees. Nature naturally gives off a feeling of tranquility and serenity. This painting is a great example of that emotion and the colors used are also very calming.
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