By: Miranda Crothers

This is a picture of the mirror hall, decorated and set up for a fancy dinner, and a reception honoring JFK. This hall is so long, making it easy to fit many people in it comfortably.
This is the hall of mirrors, in which they transformed it for a reception for Queen Victoria. The many fancy, and expensive qualities in this hall make it easy to transform for events of high class, such as this.
This picture gives you a great idea of what we were taught about the monarch being watched doing all aactivities. In this case i believe he is just relaxing while everyone surrounds him.
This picture gives a great representation of the Vault of the Orangerie, which is dark and quiet, in this picture there is one woman who is standing on a ledge with the sun gleaming in from the window behind her.
This is the hundred step staircase, that leads up to the castle, this stairwell is very scenic, and usually traveled on often by the visitors of the castle on a daily basis.
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