the Women in emotions

This gallery includes the women with all different emotions, such as despair, happiness, sadness, or all others that are portrayed in different situations and places. 

Orpheus depicts the death of Orpheus who was torn apart into pieces by Maenads. A girl is holding his head, and looking down at the head with a despairing face. Ironically, the background is very calm and peaceful unlike the horrible ordeal that just happened to Orpheus and the girl.
Danaë and the Shower of Gold depicts Danaë who is naked, and lying down on a bed getting a shower of gold that is coming from Jupiter. Cupid, who is standing by her legs, is helping to direct the stream of gold toward her womb, so that Danaë can be pregnant. The colors that are used in this painting is Triadic.
Leda and the Swan depicts Leda, the daughter of the King Aetolia, and married to the King Tydareus, is seduced by a swan that is sent by Jupiter. According to the Google Art Gallery, it is unknown if the people in the background are all related to Leda, or some of them from other mythical story.
Echo and Narcissus, depicts the mythical story that Echo falls in love into Narcissus. However, Narcissus, who is looking down the pond, falls in love with himself. The motion of Narcissus, looking down the pond is separating from him by the river. Despite the love of Echo, Narcissus consequently despises Echo. This painting has 3-dimensional space that includes, background, mid ground, and foreground.
Although the description of painting, Lucretia, is unknown on Google Art gallery, Lucretia clearly depicts a woman who is in the emotions of despair and hopeless. The woman, who is probably Lucretia, tries to kill herself with a knife that is pointing right bottom of her right breast. The emphasis of the painting is the emotions on Lucretia's face and the motion that is resulted from her emotions.
Venus and Adonis depicts the goddess, Venus, tries to hold back her love, Adonis from going off to the hunt. This painting is also a three-dimensional that has background as mountains and the sky, the mid ground that is cupid and the trees, and also the foreground, Venus, Adonis, and his dogs.
Before depicts the moment before a seduction. There is a young woman who tries to push a young man who is trying to take her to the bed away. There is not much depth in this painting. However, the emphasis of the painting is the young woman and the young man who is portrayed right in the middle. The dog on the bottom is barking toward them, and the background is dark enough, so that the viewers’ eye can catch the woman and the man as the first elements in the painting.
The Kiss depicts a woman who is kissed by a man in his arm. The man and woman’s clothes have the pattern of circles and squares, which represent the mystery of love and fulfillment. The painting has the complementary colors that creates the vibrant contrast that is warm and unique.
In the Conservatory depicts a woman and a man, who seem to have some kind of relationship between them. The man is bending toward the woman, and the woman is looking straightforward without looking at the man. Although, the woman is not looking at the man, ironically, the focal point of this painting is the hands approaching each other.
Madame Bergeret depicts a painting that is portraying a woman who is standing in the garden. The emotion on her face seems as delightful and joyful. The painting includes the contraction of the colors. The color on the woman is very lighter than the background, which makes the woman, stands out the most. The
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