A Piece of Life

This gallery includes a presentation of different religions across the world.  An artistic perspective of religion is given throughout the gallery.

Christ carries his cross before he is crucified. This piece shows the tremendous stature of the cross. The contrast of the clothing from Christ, and the details like the crown and pain in his face inspired me to chose this picture.
After being crucified and buried Christ rises from the dead. People are in shock and amazed how a man can rise from burial. The texture and movement from this piece are the most captivating.
Many religions do not agree with each other. In this piece a Muslim and Christian fight with one another. The movement within the picture gives viewers an imagination of the battle.
This painting shows two young children depicting the story of religion. This 18th century piece was used as a decorative decor for a door. This door was a great piece of texture to be used for the painting.
Two humble sisters that sold pottery were in the midst of an earthquake in the 15th century. According to the story two angels saved their building from collapsing. The contrast of this painting makes it seem as if the angels were really there.
Depicted on the left is a picture of the fifth Dalai Lama. The painting is paying homage to Lhawang Tenpai Gyaltsen (1631-1668). The very unique patterns draw a lot if interest from viewers.
This painting shows a princess being rescued. The story states that the princess was rescued by a God disguised as a white bull named "Jupiter". From my perspective I can envision the bull escaping with the princess at a rapid pace.
Jesus follows the request of Martha and Mary to help their brother Lazarus rise from the dead. This piece was based off of a scripture in the New Testament (John:11). The different us of colors within the painting give Jesus a more prominent image.
As Saint Martina refuses to worship at the temple of Apollo she calls down a bolt of lightning. The lightning in the background of the picture shows how destructive it was.
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