The Clawshank Redemption-Myra

In this Gallery I will be taking you on a small visual tour of pattern, texture, movement, with my subject-based theme being mythology, love, and nature. 

I chose the German Chalkware Cat by Mina Lowry because it fits my theme perfectly. The painting almost looks like a statue due to the movement put into it. The cats tail is curled which is usually how cats sit when perched on something, and the brush strokes make the facial features of the cat come to life.
Cat on a Balustrade is one of my favorites by far. (I might be bias because my cat has the same patterns on him) I think this one fits perfectly into my Gallery. There are different patterns throughout the entire painting, from the wood to the grass. Seeing him in his own element made me love the nature scene he was in.
Dog barking at the Moon- Cats under a rock with Peony is absolutely beautiful. Korean art like this completely fascinates me. If you look at the movement within the painting you see the trees coming to life easily, as well as the animals involved. The cat looks upset and the dog looks excited and all of this is portrayed through texture and movement.
Unlike the normal-ish Cats we've been seeing, I decided to choose the Leopard-Cat because I feel like it plays more into my subject based theme. Seeing him in nature interacting with nature as well as being nature makes this entire piece come together for me. From the patters in his fur, to those in the water. Absolutely beautiful.
Chat (Caty) by Lalique, Rene is absolutely GORGEOUS. The texture of this piece is glass...and the movement put into it is impeccable. From the cats eyes to the way it's body wrinkles leads to me to believe it was placed there as an example of fur. The way it's sitting makes me think of a cat in it's natural habitat ready to attack it's prey. To get all of that put into one small sculpture is amazing.
Cat with a Latern by Kobayashi Kiyochika. This one immediately brings a smile to my face. Through this image you can tell Kobayashi had a run in with a playful little kitty. It's clear the cat is playing with the lantern, while the artist uses a good sense of texture allowing the viewer to see the round shape of the lantern. With lines that provide movement a cylindrical form is shown here beside the cat.
Mummified cat was chosen due to the time period it was created. Mythology shows us specific elements and art types that fall under this historic era. The mummified cat depicted is clearly a piece of history. You can see the use of texture throughout the body of the cat, the use of nesting squares shown here creates a beautiful print.
I chose this picture because it reminded me of an abstract Picasso painting. With the use of geometric forms the body of the Cat is created. By using these simple shapes you bring another level of dynamics to the painting itself, while still being able to clearly see the figures shape into a Cat. The movement through the boxes allows the image to come to life.
Sacred Cat of Bast resembles a Sphynx from Egyptian times. Although this piece is not from that era, the hard lines that form the figure hint back to the Egyptians. Of all the pieces shown in this collection, to me, this one has a very modern feel. With the use of material in the sculpture the fine finish adds to the overall look.
Credits: All media
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